Understanding your financial statements – video

If you missed our web masterclass on understanding your financials and business performance then you can view a recording here https://vetbusinessuniversity.com/checkout/?product_id=8208

Your viewing of a recording of the event will allow something very special to happen! Firstly we will ask you for a small fee of $5 to access the recording. And then ALL of that fee will be given to a human or animal in need. It costs as little as $1 to treat a child for malaria in Africa or $9 to get a tree planted for Orangutan habitat – this is the sort of difference you will make.  

This recording offers a really clear explanation on what you need to do to make your veterinary profit and loss statement understandable. It is essential knowledge for any practice manager who is expected to report on financial KPIs such as cost of goods sold, wages and profitability.