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We form close partnerships with all our clients thus enabling us to understand the uniqueness of your business and in turn, we can provide you with a tailored service to suit your needs.

We aim to support and help you achieve the goals you have set for your veterinary business so that you can increase the returns on your investment whether it is a start-up business, established business, sale of business or you are experiencing a growth period.  For more information on how our expertise can benefit you, contact us today!

Anne Lencioni BVSc MBA MPA FTMA

Anne is the multi tasker in the office, a high energy working Collie – the type you see chasing sheep around a field. She does this all day and makes sure that the rest of us are doing the right work and running in the right direction instead of off a cliff. Anne has worked in many diverse environments, proving that she can herd and bring order to almost anything.

She graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 1995 and has subsequently completed two business degrees (a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Professional Accounting) while still owning her own veterinary clinic.

She has completed her CPA examinations and is a Fellow of the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants.

Her experience in real world businesses, ranging from the veterinary profession, sales and marketing for pharmaceutical companies and public accountancy practice, is extremely diverse. She is a founding member of the APL accountants pack, and is one of the directors of Valuvet.

Paolo Lencioni BVSc DipCAP MPA MTMA

Ok, so every pack needs at least one energetic boisterous dog, and in the APL pack the token Boxer would be Paolo.

What’s the point in doing all this great work if nobody knows about it? Paolo performs some of the accounting work and runs our workshops and courses where he can yap all day long on the subject of improving business performance.

Paolo has worked as a veterinary surgeon prior to working in public accounting.  His real world business experience ranges from owning a veterinary practice, working as an accounting software consultant, working in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and project managing web based application development. He has attained a Masters in Professional Accounting through the University of Southern Queensland. He has also completed a City and Guilds in C programming and has experience in various IT roles. He is a Member of the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants, a founding member of the APL Accountants pack, and is one




IMG_6390 (222)

Venessa is our rescue mutt.  She has had a few previous foster families in the past vary from accounting offices, retail chains, and even owned and managed her own business for 8 years.

She has been taught general obedience, resource sharing, and many other tricks that have come in useful at APL.  We may keep her for a while if she remains even tempered and works well within the pack.

When she is not in the working yard at APL rounding up bank statements and bookkeeping comments she likes to take her dog Daisy to the dog beach and go out on their SUP together.




aplphotoDebbie has had a couple of previous homes, but she seems to be a good fit in the APL pack so we’re going to keep her.

She comes with her own tricks that she learnt while studying a Diploma of IT Networking.  These tricks are far superior to any basic sit/stay command so she has been a great addition to our Profitdiagnostix software team.

When not performing tricks for the Profitdiagnostix pack, she enjoys movies, gaming, and hanging out with her sidekick Cavoodle Stella, 3 cats Link, Zora and Peta, her step cat Gwen, and an array of fish including Old Mate 2.0.



Nurten Sahin- website photo Nurten is one of the newer members of the APL Accountants pack and is here to represent the cat community. She comes with her feline-printed accessories spread across her desk and long claws.

After working for more than 10 years in the translation industry with a degree in philology while living in the Northern Hemisphere, she’s decided to do things a little differently Down Under and has dipped her paws into the world of numbers.

She’s often seen curled on her chair, climbing the shelf of registers or enjoying the warmth of the photocopier. While not doing admin duties and teasing the office dogs, she’s indulging her curiosity of bookkeeping and payroll.






Joy is our newest APL Accountants pack member. She’s a sheep! Just like her Chinese zodiac describes her, she is gentle and diligent. She even knows a few fancy tricks and gets on great with the office dogs and cat.

Starting her career in a different sort of flock, she was once a chemical engineer. Brave enough to stray, she has studied a Diploma of Accounting and is also a registered BAS agent and brings with her a wealth of experience and a lot of baaa’s.

On an ordinary day, Joy can be found at her desk sifting through accounts and enjoying the challenges of bookkeeping. When she’s not at the office she enjoys taking long walks with her husband, loves discovering new cuisines and dreams of adopting a pooch.