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We form close partnerships with all our clients thus enabling us to understand the uniqueness of your business and in turn, we can provide you with a tailored service to suit your needs.

We aim to support and help you achieve the goals you have set for your business so that you can increase the returns on your investment whether it is a start-up business, established business, sale of business or you are experiencing a growth period.  For more information on how our expertise can benefit you, contact us today!

Anne Lencioni

Anne is the multi tasker in the office, a high energy working Collie – the type you see chasing sheep around a field. She does this all day and makes sure that the rest of us are doing the right work and running in the right direction instead of off a cliff. Anne has worked in many diverse environments, proving that she can herd and bring order to almost anything.

Anne has worked as a veterinary surgeon and subsequently completed two business degrees (a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Professional Accounting) while still owning her own veterinary clinic.

She has completed her CPA examinations and is an associate member of the Institute of Public Accountants. She is one of Australia’s most experienced valuers of service based businesses and holds a certificate in business valuations from the ACCA.

Her experience in real world businesses, ranging from the veterinary profession, sales and marketing for pharmaceutical companies and public accountancy practice, is extremely diverse. She is a founding member of the APL accountants pack, and is one of the directors of Valuvet.

Paolo Lencioni

Ok, so every pack needs at least one energetic boisterous dog, and in the APL pack the token Boxer would be Paolo.

What’s the point in doing all this great work if nobody knows about it? Paolo performs some of the accounting work and runs our workshops and courses where he can yap all day long on the subject of improving business performance.

Paolo has worked as a veterinary surgeon prior to working in public accounting.  His real world business experience ranges from owning a veterinary practice, working as an accounting software consultant, working in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and project managing web based application development. He has attained a Masters in Professional Accounting through the University of Southern Queensland. He has also completed a City and Guilds in C programming and has experience in various IT roles. He is an associate member of the Institute of Public Accountants, a founding member of the APL Accountants pack, and is one of the directors of Valuvet. He is one of Australia’s most experienced valuers of service based businesses and holds a certificate in business valuations from the ACCA.



Renaei is the Golden Retriever of the office. The working dog with an even temperament.
No job is too difficult for her, and nothing seems to ruffle her fur, dealing with the daily bookkeeping and business advisory challenges with a wagging tail. She is keen to learn new tricks and use her accounting skills to value businesses and help business owners improve their business.

She has a bachelor of business in accounting and finance and has worked as an accountant in a number of accounting firms before deciding to join our animal loving pack. She also has a certificate in business valuations from ACCA and is an experienced valuer of professional service businesses.


sharon cropped

Sharon is the person who keeps things tidy and organised. She looks after our mail, looks after our client records and all the software that we use to manage our record keeping. She also keeps track of our jobs and telephone enquiries. Doing all this makes her a Kelpie – a working dog that can manage a lot of sheep, and perhaps one that could even herd cats!

So it’s not surprising that at home she lives with her husband and both a Kelpie cross and a Russian Blue cat.



Joy is a sheep! Just like her Chinese zodiac describes her, she is gentle and diligent. She even knows a few fancy tricks and gets on great with the office dogs and cat.

Starting her career in a different sort of flock, she was once a chemical engineer. Brave enough to stray, she has studied a Diploma of Accounting and is also a registered BAS agent and brings with her a wealth of experience and a lot of baaa’s.

On an ordinary day, Joy can be found at her desk sifting through accounts and enjoying the challenges of bookkeeping. When she’s not at the office she enjoys taking long walks with her husband, loves discovering new cuisines and dreams of adopting a pooch.


amanda and dog edited small

Amanda is the Cattle Dog of the office. She loves living on the farm with large open spaces and lots of other animals. She is happy to deal with the bigger livestock that traditional collies can’t handle.

She has completed a certificate IV in accounting and bookkeeping and is ready to handle those big bookkeeping jobs that could injure the smaller working breeds.


Sweet is the Samoyed of the office. She is strong yet sensitive. She can perform tasks and can pick up a new chore quickly and can keep herself entertained. She has a bachelor in accounting technology. 

Our partners at James Noble Accountants


Kezah Alincastre

Kezah is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance and more than 10 years industry experience. She is our Bernese Mountain Dog, patient and calculating, she is ready to rescue you from that mountain of tax. For many years she has worked very closely with professional services businesses providing industry specific financial and taxation advice including tax planning. Prior to this she worked on a broad portfolio of clients giving her exposure to many business types and different challenges faced by various industries.

Kezah is also heavily involved in the preparation of financial statements, budgets and forecasts, and specialises in identifying opportunities and issues for clients as they arise and taking steps to resolve them. She is a partner at James Noble Accountants.


Peter Ilioski

Peter has worked on a diverse portfolio of clients from various industries including pharmaceutical, dental, and veterinary. As a qualified Chartered Accountant and with over 15 years of public practice experience, his accounting expertise and skillful knowledge in tax are invaluable.

Peter works closely with clients to optimise their tax strategies and is focused on providing methodical, tailored solutions for small to medium sized businesses. He specialises in providing tax planning and is heavily involved in the preparation of financial statements and tax compliance.

Peter is a partner at James Noble Accountants.

Helen Psichalos

Helen has over 12 years of experience in accounting practice management, supervision and administration. Her dynamic and result-oriented focus has allowed her to provide support to accountants and firm principals to ensure compliance with the firm’s objectives.

Helen also works closely with clients regarding corporate secretarial matters, structure setups and their secretarial and compliance obligations.