Other Services

Bookkeeping can be added to our tax services: Our bookkeepers are all Xero certified and only work with veterinary and dental businesses. The cost of bookkeeping varies depending on how your business is structured and how many transactions and bank accounts need to be reconciled. Please contact us if you want a quote.

Business Valuations: Our business advice extends to succession planning with our advisors being certified business valuers and having experience in valuing service based businesses. If you need to find out what your business is worth, then we are one of Australia’s most experienced valuers for professional service businesses.

Profitdiagnostix: This is a business analysis tool. It will allow you to easily track your business financial and clinical performance along with your staff performance (www.profitdiagnostix.com). It is an automatic tool that connects to most mainstream accounting systems and practice management systems.

Tax and tax advice: Our tax services use accountants that are experienced in dealing with veterinary and dental businesses which makes a big difference when it comes to asking you to provide information about your tax and offering tax and tax planning advice. Not every industry is the same and there are some very specific areas to focus on when it comes to looking at tax for veterinary and dental businesses.