Veterinary and Dental business consultants, Veterinary and Dental benchmarks, key performance indicators

Veterinary and Dental Accountants, Veterinary and Dental Business Consultants, Benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators

Why do we do what we do?

Benchmarking Beagle Veterinary AdvisorAt APL Accountants, we are passionate about veterinary and dental businesses, benchmarks and key performance indicators which is why we are your ideal professional business consultant. We have worked as clinicians, owned our own veterinary practices and realise the unique challenges faced by medical professions. Therefore we are not an accountant that is simply interested in your tax compliance. WE WANT TO SEE YOUR  BUSINESS DO BETTER! As a result if your only interest is tax compliance, we are not the firm for you.
However if your interest is in getting the best team to help you run your  business more efficiently and profitably then you have come to the right place.

We want to be involved in your business processes and analyse your key performance indicators. Once we have established your KPIs then we can benchmark them. This allows us to show you where to focus. Our focus is to help you establish clinical protocols so that we can ethically help your business do better. At the same time you will service your clients and patients better. We actually love doing this. So if you’ve been looking for a business consultant not just an accountant this is the place for you. At APL Accountants we love working with you on your business performance.


How do we do it

dentist2Our unique point of difference to any other accounting firm is that we really understand your business, right down to the diagnostic, clinical and surgical work. We only work with veterinary and dental businesses, we do not take on other clients. We visit and analyse veterinary and dental practices every single day. As a result we KNOW what makes a practice profitable and what does not.

We can assess your performance and the performance of your team with clarity and accuracy. There is no guessing where you could improve, we analyse and know where you can improve. In a larger team we can analyse each individual professional so you know which areas they need training in. We have helped other businesses just like you improve so we can definitely help you.

Essentially we are your market researchers. We look at business processes in practices, analyse practice financials on a daily basis and attend veterinary and dental CPD meetings on a regular basis. This has allowed us to gather invaluable intellectual property from many sources – intellectual property that we share with YOU.

Having helped many other clients, we know what works and doesn’t work. We know what is hard to do and what is easier to do so we know where you should focus first.


What do we do?

We are primarily veterinary surgeons. This is what we did before we became accountants. We have worked for well over a decade successfully improving profitability of veterinary businesses and then chose to use these skills to improve the profitability of dental businesses too. This leaves you to do what you love – running your business in an ethical manner and servicing your clients and patients to the best of your ability. The best part of it is that by concentrating on best practice and client service, your business becomes more profitable. It’s a win-win situation.
Working with us you will find yourself in a situation where:

  •  you are on top of your finances on a monthly basis,
  •  you have someone to turn to if you need some business or clinical advice,
  •  you will have regular meetings and strategic planning,
  •  you will be in control of your cash flows,
  • you will be dealing with your staffing and staff training more efficiently and getting team members to ‘buy in’ to your vision,
  • your tax affairs will be in order

and so much more.

We don’t just tell you what areas you can work on to improve profitability, but we also quantify how much you should aim to improve. We then have educational materials that help you formulate the strategies you need to make it happen.

Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators

We have one of the most comprehensive and accurate business key performance indicators and benchmarking processes in Australia. And better yet, we can supply you with your business key performance indicators and benchmarks on a WEEKLY basis using our specialised software, Profitdiagnostix. This software automatically connects to your practice management system and bookkeeping software. We can then make meaningful reports for you with this information. Visit for more information.

This means that you are not wasting time trying to find data in your bookkeeping and practice management software. We automatically send you meaningful reports about your business performance. A specialised business consultant will set your key strategies in your software. This means that you are only getting the most important figures. You don’t get overloaded with too much information, you just receive relevant information.

Sound too good to be true? Feel free to contact us, we will gladly give you some testimonials and you can even contact some of our clients.