Veterinary Business Advice

At APL Accountants we aim to provide you with advice when your veterinary business needs it, not just when you ask for it. We help you manage every aspect of your business and our advice is tailor-made for your business. We maintain an accurate list of veterinary benchmarks and veterinary KPI’s so that we can accurately assess the areas where your business can improve.

Veterinary Business Advice Plans

We have 3 plans costing $2630, $1840 and $1470 per month.
Many clients find the middle plan the best value because it includes the following important things:

  • Direct one on one access to one of our consultants for quarterly meetings. Full financial reports and projections are produced for these meetings.
  • Emails and phone calls directly to our consultants as often as you like.
  • Annual workshop where you will be updated on veterinary business trends and plan your next year’s business strategies.

We also offer quarterly financial reports for each vet in your practice (+$55 per month for every 3 vets) – we call this ‘Business Unit Reporting’ and it’s a fantastic way to get your team to work to their strengths and improve their weaknesses. This can be added on to any of the above packages.

For those of you who want to know the precise detail of our advisory services, these are listed below:

Available services
$2630 pm $1840 pm
(Most Popular)
$1470 pm
Business performance report, financial forecast and one hour meeting with consultant – Manually prepared and verified by one of our consultants. This report accurately reflects the last 1-6 months performance of your 4 key business strategies and the last 1-6 months financial performance. It also forecasts how your business will perform financially in the next 1-6 months, allowing you to plan and budget.     Monthly  Every 3 months  Every 6 months
Full unrestricted access to Profitdiagnostix software at
Weekly feedback with accurate measurements – Weekly report emailed to you to show progress on your 4 key strategies for your whole business. Weekly staff performance reports emailed to you to assess individuals sales and patient advocacy performance. Support for the quality and accuracy of these reports is included. 
 Annual Conference – This is a conference in workshop format where you and up to one other team member are kept up to date on business trends within the veterinary industry. You will also be assisted in producing full strategic plan for the year customised to your specific challenges. You also get the opportunity to network with like minded colleagues and gain insight into areas that you can improve in your business. 
 Full unrestricted access to Veterinary Business University ( for you and your team – This is a very special website offered exclusively to APL Accountant’s clients. Inside a secure area you will discover videos and written content on topics specific to improving a veterinary business. 
Short calls and emails with one of our consultants – You will be able to schedule short calls (10 minutes) with our consultants to deal with urgent issues that may arise between your scheduled meetings with us. You are also entitled to email our consultants with these questions and concerns.