One consistent business reporting platform for the veterinary industry!


APL Accountants is now the exclusive Australian distributor for Profitdiagnostix! Contact the Profitdiagnostix team for more information and setup.

Imagine being able to produce consistent business reports regardless of your practice management software or accounting software.
Reports that you could take to CPD sessions or your business coach and these would immediately be comparable to other clinics and industry averages.
The unbelievable power of having a single reporting platform for the veterinary industry is now possible, removing all the trial and error associated with reports that come out of all the disparate practice management systems in the industry.

Profitdiagnostix is easy to set up and at APL Accountants we can help you with both the setup process and training.

No more manual exporting and aggregating of spreadsheets. Profitdiagnostix pulls all the information out of your system automatically and builds the reports for you in the cloud.

Profitdiagnostix features:

  • full report designer to design your own business reports
  • clear financial reports with combined data from both accounting software and practice management software
  • setting of targets for your business which are visually displayed in charts
  • setting of sales targets for items such as dentistry, radiography, in house lab work
  • automatic emailing of business performance reports on a weekly or monthly schedule to pre-defined email addresses
  • automatic emailing of individual performance reports and targets to employees
  • a consistent, reliable platform that is set to standardise reporting in the industry.

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