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Budget OCT 2021 in simple terms for vets

Budget 2021 in simple terms for vets
Change to personal tax rates, JobMaker incentive and asset write offs

APL Accountants news October 2020

APL Accountants Latest News
How are current economic events affecting the veterinary industry, don’t miss TedX speaker Paul Dunn, special offer from Alison Lambert

APL Accountants News September 2020

APL Accountants Latest News
Are you missing email communications, how does JobKeepers change and how much is being spent on pets

APL Veterinary Business News August 2020

APL Accountants Latest News
Alison Lambert webevent, jobkeepers updates

APL Veterinary Business News JULY 2020

APL Accountants Latest News

A quick tip on pricing

Paul Dunn with some insightful ideas about pricing. In this quick tip he shows you how discounting can have an exponential and detrimental effect on your profit margins. And he shows how higher pricing would have an exponentially beneficial result. Of course when it comes to pricing you also need to show value to the customer if you are going to charge more.

APL Veterinary Business News June 2020

APL Accountants Latest News and a Special Offer
Annual workshop special deal and end of year hints and tips

APL Veterinary Business News May 2020

APL Accountants Latest News
Vets like you have many ways to keep functioning under the COVID crisis. Here is how many practices have managed to keep going.

APL Veterinary Business News April 2020

APL Accountants Latest News

Keeping your team on track

If you missed our web masterclass on keeping your team on track with Nancy Slessenger from the UK then you can view a recording here

Your viewing of a recording of the event will allow something very special to happen! Firstly we will ask you for a small fee of $5 to access the recording. And then ALL of that fee will be given to a human or animal in need. It costs as little as $1 to treat a child for malaria in Africa or $9 to get a tree planted for Orangutan habitat – this is the sort of difference you will make.  

This masterclass gives really clear insight on how to engage your team and keep your business on the path you want.

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