Advanced Bookkeeper

We are a small accountancy firm, focused completely on vets. Our strategy is building long term relationships with Veterinary practices and providing business support to them to help improve their profits. All our clients are vets, so if you don’t like vets and think they charge too much, this isn’t a job for you. If you like vets then over the years you will work in depth with 70 – 100 of them, building a strong and trusted relationship.

This is an unusual bookkeeping job because there is no duplication of activities, invoices don’t get put into the system as our clients work on a cash basis. You will need to look at things from the clients’ perspective and big picture. We don’t want you to waste your time chasing $1 discrepancies we want you to work quickly and efficiently. You will be supervising a junior bookkeeper, training clients that do their own bookkeeping, doing the books on Xero for 40% of our clients as well as assisting us with business performance reports.

Our clients don’t care about 1c missing; our clients don’t care about double entry accounting; our clients care about being profitable and our job is to do everything we can to make sure they achieve their goals. Our clients need somebody that organises their finances and understands the basic concepts but doesn’t bother them with lots of unnecessary questions as they want to get on with their income generating work not waste time doing administrative chores.

Our clients also need help with payroll queries, superannuation queries and general problem solving. Our clients like their questions answered quickly, correctly and to the point as they expect us to solve their problems and make their lives easier.

Experience working with Xero is essential as well as ability to complete BAS.

Our office is not piled high with paper, but our computer is filled with electronic information. You need to be able to work electronically and follow our procedures in our modern office. You have to be comfortable working with folders on a network and filing and finding documents in computers not in ring-binders or box files.

You need to have the ability to teach yourself new systems and software when necessary. We don’t mind you asking the odd question but we expect you to be able to do most of it yourself, learning on the job so you can get up to speed on the 5 software packages we use.

Though we only deal with the veterinary industry, this doesn’t mean to say that you need to have your own private zoo in order to work here though you probably love your own pet, and you will need to give all the office dogs the occasional pat. We have 2-4 dogs in the office every day so if you’re not a dog lover this may not be for you. What you do need is to be good at working accurately while maintaining a good pace at the same time and with minimal supervision (though you will get plenty of support and training).

Your ability to work with numbers is more important to us than your qualifications. If you think working with numbers and finding errors is fun, then apply for this unusual and different post. To apply for this position please go to:

As well as sending a resume to

Only applications as above will be considered.