Top Dogs Workshops 2021

This year we are running a mix of online and face to face for our annual workshop. We can only be sure that we can physically be in Qld so the face to face will be in Qld. This is the plan:

Part 1 – online only 11 August 6pm
Please register here:
This is online for everyone and will include:

  • Benchmark report updates. All the KPI’s we measure, what they look like this year and some of the new and interesting things we are measuring.
  • Dave Nicol – retaining younger vets in your clinic. Because recruitment is currently such a challenge this will help you reduce staff turnover.
  • Updates on wellness plans and their effect on profit. We have finally managed to analyse wellness plans dollar for dollar and can now discuss the precise effects they have on profitability.

Part 2 – Top Dogs only face to face in QLD 10 September
OR online 14 September

Please reply to us by email with your preferred date

Discussion on employee engagement
Discussion group to help with your annual strategic plan
Cocktail making for the face to face group

Please make sure you register for part 1
reply to us by email for your preferred date for part 2