Here is what some of our customers have to say

Dr Shibly Mustapha Testimonial from APL Accountants

Dr Rod Wynne Testimonial from APL Accountants

Dr Andrew Hemming Testimonial from APL Accountants

Dr Alan Mills Testimonial from APL Accountants

“APL Accountants we cannot thank you enough!  The decision to utilise your services was by far the best one we have made in 11 years. Your attention to detail, industry experience and benchmarking reports have allowed us to turn our business around and plan for a profitable future.  Your personal approach and practical tools have been invaluable for the growth of our practices.”

Nicole & Andrew Clarke  Cooranbong & Bonnells Bay Animal Hospitals

“It was a big eye opener for me. I realised that there was a whole lot of stuff I didn’t know about the business side of the veterinary practice. I’m not a numbers person so to be able to have someone break down the figures and be able to explain that in a way that I can understand is really valuable to me. I had an accountant prior to APL Accountants when I first bought the practice and when I compare the two in the information that I got from both, honestly they’re like chalk and cheese. Anne and Paolo are very down to earth, real, you can talk to them as a vet and they can help us understand things as accountants.”

– Shibly Mustapha, Algester Veterinary Surgery & Calamvale Veterinary Clinic

“I always tell people to join. I got my brother to join and I would always advise others to join. It’s unique because they’re vets and they understand the veterinary profession. It’s very different to dealing with an accountant that has no idea of how the veterinary profession is. Or what strains and stresses you’re dealing with.”

– Sue Evans, Tallebudgera Veterinary Clinic

“Do it, essentially, which I have been doing. I think every practice can benefit from it in some way. It’s so broad ranging and it can be tailored to your own practice quite well. And sometimes it’s good just to find out what you’re doing well rather than find out what you’re doing badly. So then you can reinforce what you are doing correctly, keep doing that and then work on the areas where you’re not quite doing as well.”

– Matt Cox, Great Western Animal Hospital

“It’s tailored to the veterinary profession as as such, it really just has that big benefit to our business as well as providing accounting services. I would and have previously recommended to friends and colleagues, and I’d have no reservations in doing that because I think they provide a service that’s double what any regular accounting firm could provide.”

– Anita Bean, Yeronga Veterinary Surgery

“Absolutely go and use them, go and changeover. My accountants at the time didn’t understand why I would go somewhere else. The point is that Anne and Paolo know the business. They know vets, they know what our job is like, what we can or can’t charge and what we should or can’t do. And that help is fantastic. Any vet clinic should go and use them.”

– Gundula Rhoades, Gowrie Veterinary Clinic

“If you’re struggling with the finances, understanding them and working with KIP’s then I would really recommend that you use this team to help you out. ”

– Linda King, Moffat Beach Veterinary Surgery

“Absolutely do it. You will not find any other accountant who will understand the veterinary business like Anne and Paolo do. The extra value that you get out of the advice is far more than just looking at your accounts. They certainly know how the walk the talk, they’ve been veterinary practice owners themselves, they’ve been employed vets themselves. They understand the psyche of vets; they understand the staff environments. It’s not just looking at the financial figures but the whole process to get there. That has huge benefits in trying to problem solve issues and try and work out why the figures are the way they are.”

– Kevin Cruickshank, Gold Coast Veterinary Surgery

“I think the trouble is we’re trained as vets. We’ve definitely seen a lot of growth. It’s invaluable the information, the guidance and the tools that they give us. Our growth has been fantastic and still continues. I think they have given us confidence and its enabled us to set some pretty high goals that perhaps a few years ago we wouldn’t have thought possible.”

– Justin Ward & Matt Lawton, Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery

“I cannot recommend the accounting services of Anne & Paolo at APL highly enough. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with and their services have far exceeded my expectations.  I wish I had started using their services 6 months earlier than I did, but I procrastinated. But I can now see its a no brainer.”

– Glen Kolenc BVSc (Hons)

“Having attended both the APL experts day on the Gold Coast this year, and the APL Saturday session at the previous AVBA conference, I can highly recommend this event as an absolute MUST for any practice owner looking to improve the financial performance of their clinic. Having just undertaken a new clinic build some 2.5 years ago, I suddenly found my clinic significantly under-performing, and actually losing money for 2 years in a row, which came as a shock given 13 previous years of profitability. The APL experts day gave me very clear pricing models and very clear invoicing and consulting protocols that are easily assimilated into practice (by all 5 vets in our clinic). I was able to prioritise those protocols that would immediately drag our bottom line back into the black, and then focus on the next round that would push us back into better than average profitability. My Clinic is now more profitable than it has ever been in the past 15 years, so thank you Anne and Paolo.”

Dr Bruce Syme, Vets All Natural Animal Health, Castlemaine, Victoria.