Helping dentists fully understand their business metrics and profitability

To date there has been very little offered to you understand all the parts of your business that leads to profitability. This is because profitability is a complex calculation. It also means that many practice owners focus on growth and sales revenue – these are important, but we actually see a lot of businesses increase sales and increase customer numbers, but their profit actually decreases.

Profit is the ultimate determining factor in the sustainability of your business and what determines what it will sell for when you retire or introduce a business partner – so you need to know what this value is and you also need to know that a lot of adjustments need to be made to your tax financials before you really know this value.

Then there are a lot of other things you will want to know, because if profit is low, it’s useful information, but you will want to discover how and why your business is not leaving enough residual money to be sustainable. And that’s where all the other things come into play, for example:

  1. Are there staff members that are underperforming?
  2. Are customers paying enough and are your prices correct?
  3. Do you have enough customers for your team?
  4. Are you booking enough appointments and are these then being encouraged to re-visit?

We are here to help you get the full picture of your business.

Accurate and fully adjusted financial reports

Reports which remove non deductible expenses, adjust for prepayments and inconsistent payments of regular services and adjust for commercial owners wages

Client number trends

Accurate and clearly defined number of active clients your business is servicing, as well as the number of clients per chair.

Rebooking rates

See how good your rebooking rates are for the whole practice or for each provider

Provider revenue and performance

Measure almost anything for each provider in your practice.

Who invoices what? Revenue split by category and provider