APL Accounting News May 2019


The dates for our client workshops are as follows:

Tuesday 27 August –  Sydney
Friday 6 September –  Brisbane plus web streaming for this event if you prefer not to travel.
Tuesday 29 October – Melbourne

Book a date with us, some venues have limited spaces!

ATO Natural Disaster Relief

If you were affected by the North Queensland flooding in January and February 2019, you may be eligible for a payment and lodgement extension to 31 May 2019 with the ATO.

For full details and the postcodes affected vist the ATO here.

APL Web Masterclass

Just another reminder we have a web masterclass planned each month focusing on a different strategy to improve your best practice performance, staff engagement, and your clients overall experience. Each month our masterclass will focus on one thing and we will be recording your results using Profitdiagnostix to see how well you perform.

We will be selecting a charity through B1G1 and making a donation to the chosen charity for the month based on your performance.

15 May Improving vaccination numbers

Repeat Consultations – how did you do?

For all the repeat consultations performed in April we will be giving orphaned children in Thailand access to educational books.

And according to Profitdiagnostix, our wonderful veterinary family has performed 6,102 repeat consults for the month of April – so that will be 6,102 days of access to educational books – well done.

Of course, in case you did not remember, or even worse if you did not attend our wonderful web event with TEDX speaker Paul Dunn, each attendee raised money for 100 meal deliveries to school children in India – and there were 300 attendees, so that makes 30,000 meals delivered.

Paul, a global business advisor spoke about ‘customer experience’ and connecting to customers in the context of a Veterinary business.

If you could not make it, watch the web event here:https://vimeo.com/330943393/1dee07b15b . Or even get your team to watch it, Paul is a fun guy to listen to.

And of course Paul would love to see some vet clinics join the hundreds of other businesses using B1G1 (https://www.b1g1.com/businessforgood/new-sign-up/) to connect to their customers using the power of giving. Let’s face it, if we can do it as boring accountants, then so can you as a funky vet practice.

Superannuation Contributions

As 30 June is steadily approaching you may want to check out your superanuation contributions so that you can make the most of any tax deductions.  The concessional contributions cap for any age remains at $25,000 this year, so if you have thought about topping up your super now is a good time to do it.

Please keep in mind that the contributions you paid last year in June 2018 may have taken until July 2018 to hit your account so you may want to order a statement from your super fund to make sure you include those contributions in any calculations for your 2019 financial year.

If you are unable to top your super up this year, the ATO has introduced carry-forward concessional contributions from 1 July 2018.  This means if you were only able to put $20,000 into your super for 2019 financial year, then you will have an extra $5,000 that you are able to top up with in 2020 financial year (on top of the $25,000 cap for 2020) if you choose to.

The first year you can use this will be the 2019-2020 financial year but only if you have a superannuation balances of less than $500,000. Unused amounts are available for a maximum of five years, and will expire after this. For more information click here.

The Vetprac workshop for buyers and sellers – Brisbane dates

If you are wanting to buy or sell a veterinary business in the next 12 months this workshop is for you!

Exit Strategies 24 May https://www.vetprac.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Exit-Strategy_2019.pdf

How to buy 25 May https://www.vetprac.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Buyers-Seminar_2019.pdf

If any of you are attending we’ll see you there!

Dog Tales 

After having a ring for Chica for over a year before he prophosed – Studel has finally wed the girl of his dreamphs. Their vowphs were exchanged in a phmall beachside town in a quiet intimate ceremony. Chica has promised to love and cherish him, his over bite, missing tooth, inability to prononce an ‘s’ and all the other quirks that come with a sausage dog. She snagged a good one … (See what I did there?)

Our Profit Diagnostix wizard/bookkeeper Deb also got married recently.  Congratulations to her and her new husband!