APL Accounting News April 2019



The dates for our client workshops have been released 

Tues 27 August –  Sydney
Fri 6 September –  Brisbane plus web streaming for this event if you prefer not to travel.
Tues 29 October – Melbourne

Book a date with us and mark one of these off on the calendar as more details will follow soon!

APL Web Masterclass

Just another reminder we have a web masterclass planned each month focusing on a different strategy to improve your best practice performance, staff engagement, and your clients overall experience. Each month our masterclass will focus on one thing and we will be recording your results using Profitdiagnostix to see how well you perform.

We will be selecting a charity through B1G1 and making a donation to the chosen charity for the month based on your performance.

Mark these dates in your calendars as they are events not to be missed! 

  • 17 April – Improving the client experience with a 4 times TEDx speaker
  • 15 May Improving your number of vaccinations

Consultation results for March

March was all about  consultations and was complimented with a great web event on consultations. We also wanted something special to happen when your practice performed consultations – and so for every 250 consultations performed by our wonderful client base, a rescued animal in Nepal also received a consultation and some much needed medical help. All this thanks to b1g1.com which allows us to combine a ‘giving experience’ with your business performance.

By the end of March, 150 animals in Nepal were given access to much needed medical care – so well done.

In April we will be focusing on Repeat consultations, and this was preceeded by our web even just a few days ago on Repeat consultations.

As repeat consultations are all about client education on the value of ongoing monitoring, we thought it fit to tie the experience in to something educational. So let your team know that in April, every repeat consultation they perform will go towards giving access to educational books to orphaned children in Thailand. We are hoping that our wonderful customer base will perform more than 6000 repeat consultations in April.

ATO paper Activity Statements

The ATO had previously granted some clients a temporary exemption from lodging their monthly activity statements electronically.  The exemption was given to allow these clients to transition to lodging online.

This exemption is no longer in place and activity statements will need to be lodged electronically once an activity statement is lodged electronically through the following:

– online services for agents

– practitioner lodgement service (PLS)

– portals

– Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled software

– when a client links their myGov account to the ATO

For more information click here.

Single Touch Payroll (STP)

If you employ 20 or more employees you should already be using STP as this was introduced by the ATO from 1 July 2018.  If you employ 19 or less employees you will need to begin using STP from 1 July 2019 if you haven’t already. 

Top Tip:  If you start using STP before 30 June 2019 you will not have to prepare payment summaries for your employees for this year.

If you use Xero you would have noticed a big white box in your payroll screen. Seriously, you can’t miss it!  To get things moving with STP click “Get started” then follow the on screen instructions.  Connection will require a call to the ATO however this is fast and painless (like ripping off a bandaid!). Make sure to have an ATO document ID within reach – usually a document number on a BAS or IAS is enough. This is to prove you belong to the entity and will also hinder random strangers setting up the STP for you.

In your Xero payroll code setups you will need to make sure your codes (which will be most codes) are ticked to be reportable at W1 on the IAS and/or BAS form.

Once you are connected to ATO, checked your codes, you are ready to lodge your payroll electronically and say goodbye to end of year payment summaries – and who doesn’t want to do that!?

Employees will be able to log in to their myGov app and see year to date tax and super information. When the employee’s income statement (previously payment summary) is tax ready, they will receive an inbox notification on their myGov app.

For employers more information can be found by visiting the ATO.

For employees more information can be found by clicking here.

Dog Tales 

Well, this newsletter has proven to be drier and more bland than store brand kibble.  Next month it needs to be livened up!  To make the APL tails wag in this office please send us some theme ideas for the newsletter.  It would make it more exciting for us to write, and no doubt more exciting for you to read.

Some of our personal favourites were Halloween, The Ekka, Boy Bands, Bon Jovi and most recently Queen.  Some of these themes and absolutely pawfect puns have been so stealth we didn’t even realise we had thrown them in until after we published!  True literary masterpieces.

Treats all round!

Strudel, Chica, Stella & Daisy.

Please Note: Many of the comments in this publication are general in nature and anyone intending to apply the information to practical circumstances should seek professional advice to independently verify their interpretation and the informations applicability to their particular circumstances. In particular, please note that the APL dogs who often prepare this newsletter do not have opposable thumbs so have to type with their noses.