APL Accounting News February 2019


With a burst of light, and a loud fizzle – there goes January!  Another One Bites the Dust.

APL Web Masterclass

Just a reminder we have a web masterclass (not just Radio Ga Ga) planned each month focusing on a different strategy to improve your best practice performance, staff engagement, and your clients overall experience. Each month We Will Rock You while you focus on one thing and we will be recording your results using Profitdiagnostix to see how well you perform.  We know there is a little bit of Freddie Mercury in everyone, performance is everything.

We will be selecting a charity through B1G1 and making a donation to the chosen charity for the month based on your performance.

Mark these dates in your calendars as they are events not to be missed! 

  • 20 February – Improving the number of consultations in your clinic
  • 27 March – Improving the number of repeat consults in your clinic
  • 17 April – Improving the client experience
Schedule may change Under Pressure depending on demand.

So what sort of special things are happening in the world at the moment?

It’s a Kind of Magic when something special happens to someone in need because of something that you do! But how does this magic happen? By using a charity portal called B1G1 (www.b1g1.com) we are able to create special impacts all over the world when you guys do something good at your practice.
So In December we said that we would give life saving malaria treatment to a child in Kenya for every cytology sample that you guys collected – and as a result you guys gave life saving treatment to over 3800 children.
Now in January and February we are going to be focusing on ‘One Vision’! Be thankful for your eyesight when you assess xrays because many children in Africa suffer from impaired vision due to lack of vitamins – they don’t need to assess radiographs, but they do need to be able to see properly to learn to read.
So for every single patient that you guys xray in January and February, you will also be contributing to a dose of vitamins to a child in Africa.

February due dates

So now that January is all sorted – Don’t Stop Me Now!  Here’s what needs to happen in February:

January IAS (if you pay PAYGW monthly) is due 21 February

December BAS is due 28 February

Super (if you pay monthly) is due 28 February

Since it’s Valentine’s Day month the APL Facebook page could do with some February love.  We’d love to see pictures of your pets! Click here

The dates for our client workshops have been released 

Tues 27 August –  Sydney
Fri 6 September –  Brisbane plus web streaming for this event if you can’t attend physically.
Tues 29 October – Melbourne

So mark one of these off on the calendar because if you don’t we will think you’re Slightly Mad.

Dog tales

I Want To Break Free!

We have Somebody to Love at APL HQ who is new to our pack.  Nurten has adopted a rescue cat.

Everyone at APL is looking forward to meeting Mischa, however we may have to stick to pictures for now as this is pretty much a dog office – because We Are The Champions!


APL Dogs

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