APL Accounting News January 2019


We hope you enjoyed a break or at least some good cheer over the Holiday season and you are now ready for 2019.

Let’s hit the ground running 

Here is a simplified list of things to do in January:

1.  Payroll tax – If you are involved with payroll tax you have until 7 January to lodge and pay for the month of December. If you are in QLD, NSW or SA the Office of State Revenue has given an extension to 14 January to lodge and pay December payroll tax.

2.  BAS – December BAS is due on the 28 February if you lodge quarterly and use a tax agent, or 21 January if you lodge monthly and prepare the return yourself.

3.  Superannuation – Superannuation payments for December or December quarter are due before 28 January.

4. Benchmarking reports – If you are a quarterly or 6 monthly benchmarking client you will need to have your December figures ready as soon as possible to enable us to prepare your reports.

APL webinar series – What is happening this year?

We have a webinar planned each month focusing on a different strategy to improve your best practice performance, staff enagement, and your clients overall experience. Each month we will focus on one thing and we will be recording your results using Profitdiagnostix to see how well you perform.  We will be selecting a charity through B1G1 and making a donation to the chosen charity for the month based on your performance.

B1G1 is a company that organises charitable donations in small increments which suits our purpose for what we are going to achieve here.  We plan to tie together the donation recipients with the theme we have for the month.

Mark these dates in your calendars as they will be events not to be missed! 

  • 30 January – Improving the number of xrays in your clinic
  • 20 February – Improving the number of consultations in your clinic
  • 27 March – Improving the number of repeat consults in your clinic
  • 17 April – Improving the client experience
Schedule may change depending on demand.

Cytology results from December – how many lives have breen saved?

We know that cytology saves lives, for example identifying that ‘lipoma’ that end up being a mast cell tumor when looked at under the microscope. But to make double the impact, as promised for the month of December, for every cytology sample collected by you guys, we will be donating to buy a dose of malaria tratment for someone in Africa.

So how did you guys do?

3894 cytology samples were collected by the practices using APL Accountants in one month!

That means that 3894 children in Africa will receive life saving malaria treantment!

Improving the number of Xrays in your clinic for January

The month of January will be all about Xrays, and taking more of them so that you can increase your diagnostic accuracy. Because xrays are something visual, we can do something special for someone’s vision for every single xray you take.

In Africa, blindness due to lack of vitamins is common in children, so for every xray you take, we will donate a daily dose of vitamins to a child:

Dog tales

We had a fantastic break and with our new life jackets that we got for Christmas and we got to do lots of paddling with mum and dad. We are definitely ready to hit the ground running despite our sea legs, and are looking forward to the new year! Please note in the photo, the ‘power of delegation’ – we delegated the task of propelling the paddle board to dad and left the task of ‘enjoying the view’ to ourselves.

Please Note: Many of the comments in this publication are general in nature and anyone intending to apply the information to practical circumstances should seek professional advice to independently verify their interpretation and the informations applicability to their particular circumstances. In particular, please note that the APL dogs who often prepare this newsletter do not have opposable thumbs so have to type with their noses.