APL Accounting News July 2018

Happy New Year! (for accountants anyway)

July Reminders

Payment Summaries

The PAYG payment summaries for your employees should be issued to them no later than 14 July 2018, and the PAYG payment summary statement should be lodged with the ATO no later than 14 August 2018. This means, you should be starting to reconcile your wages right meow!

If your PAYG payment summary statement is lodged late the ATO will issue penalties.

Superannuation payments

The Superannuation Guarantee Contributions (SGC) payments for your employees for either the month of June, or the June quarter (if you pay quarterly) are due before 28 July.  These payments will need to be made around 10 days before the due date to ensure the money makes it’s way to the employee’s fund before the due date.


The June quarter BAS is due 28 July 2018, however if you lodge electronically through a tax agent your due date is 25 August 2018.

As usual it’s better to have your accounting work finished well before the due date. The amount due won’t need to be paid until the due date even if you form is lodged earlier.

Top 5 reasons to have your bookkeeping done on time

1.  You know how much money your business is turning over

2.  Your reporting requirements are able to be met

3.  You can identify any cashflow problems

4.  It makes your accountant really happy

5.  That warm fuzzy feeling of smugness

A fantastic new discovery to make everyone’s life easier

Sometimes it’s the little things in life, right?  We have had problems in the past of receiving ‘scanned’ documents that have been snapped on a phone.  While there haven’t been too many pictures that are worthy of any great photography awards, it is still important for us to be able to see, read, and understand what you are sending.

We have come across a free app available for your phone to convert your phone into a scanner.  It will make the image much clearer, and make your accountants much happier and who wouldn’t want that!?

It is available from:  https://www.camscanner.com/

A new year and a new APL team member

We are thrilled to announce we have a new team member who joined us in late May.  Some of you may have already spoken to Nurten on the phone.

Nurten brings to us a variety of skills and is currently training in all aspects of administration and bookkeeping here at APL, and she also told us about the magical scanner app for your phones!

While we enjoy her new skill set, her sunny personality, the cooking stories and her witty sense of humour, we also found out she is a cat lover but the APL dogs thought we should have her around anyway.  Who’s going to bother trying to argue with a sausage dog?  Exactly.

Welcome Nurten!

Last chance concert tickets

A final reminder for our Australian tour dates before our tour kicks off next month.  If you are interested in attending one of the workshops, you can find out more here: http://www.myvetexpert.com

Melbourne – Friday 24 August 2018 at Stamford Plaza, 111 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

Brisbane – TOP DOGS Thursday 6 September 2018 (invitation only) at Stamford Plaza, Edward St & Margaret St, Brisbane

Brisbane – Friday 7 September 2018 at Stamford Plaza, Edward St & Margaret St, Brisbane

Sydney – Friday 19 October 2018 at Sir Stamford, Circular Quay, 93 Macquarie Street, Sydney

Please note: We are going to attempt a live web stream from our Brisbane 7 September workshop.  If you could be interested in viewing this event could you please let us know by contacting admin@aplaccountants.com.au

These expert days are open to everyone, so to avoid disappointment please contact admin@aplaccountants.com.au ASAP for more information or to discuss options if you are a non-client.

Some venues have restricted numbers so it is important you let as know ASAP which venue you will be attending.  

Dog tales – A day ‘out in the field’

This month, special agents Strudel aka. ‘Sharkmouth’ and Chica aka. ‘Mermutt’ went on a special mission to spy out a veterinary open day in Ipswich.

Deep cover requires a good disguise, so they attended as a ‘hot dog’ and a ‘mermaid’. Strudel’s disguise worked out exceptionally well. Hardly anybody noticed him while he mulled around by the sausage sizzle, blending in perfectly with the sausages and buns. However, a near mishap nearly occured when the chef accidentally picked him up, put mustard on him and tried to take a bite out of him.

Chica on the other hand was not quite so stealthy in her mermaid suit. Although it did cover her identity up pretty well, many people were wondering how a mermaid could have got to landlocked Ipswich – perhaps she swam up the Brisbane river? As a result, she ended up getting second place in the ‘best dressed’ awards, coming second to a maltese who was dressed up like ‘Elsa’ from the movie ‘Frozen’.

Strudel and Chica were being debriefed at the time of writing this newsletter so could add no personal comments. We would however like to thank Ripley Valley Veterinary Hospital for having them over and maintaining their ‘cover’.

Please Note: Many of the comments in this publication are general in nature and anyone intending to apply the information to practical circumstances should seek professional advice to independently verify their interpretation and the informations applicability to their particular circumstances. In particular, please note that the APL dogs who often prepare this newsletter do not have opposable thumbs so have to type with their noses.