APL Accounting News April 2018

April News

We hope every bunny had a safe and happy Easter break.

A new theme and a road trip!

With the up and coming preparation of our client workshops,we have a new theme to keep us focused on the task – CIRCUS!
We are not trying to say that our workshop presenters are clowns………. but they do like to clown around.
To start with we will be decorating the whole office up with circus things.

We are pleased to announce our Australian circus/workshop dates, and as usual we will bring a few roadies along with us.

Melbourne – Friday 24 August 2018

Brisbane – TOP DOGS Thursday 6 September 2018 (invitation only)

Brisbane – Friday 7 September 2018

Sydney – Friday 19 October 2018

All venues are yet to be confirmed, (and short straws yet to be drawn by the roadies), but save the date!

This year we will also be attempting a live and interactive video stream to those of you who cannot make it to the venues.

Top Dogs are a howling success

Last quater has seen the succesful launch of our ‘Top Dogs’ program – the first ever completely fair, fully audited and objective group for top performers which is by invitation only IF and only IF your practice passes the required threshold of profitability.

The Top Dogs have voted and our first meeting will deal with the area of client attrition and attrition management systems – this was one of the most popular requests. So we look forward to our Top Dogs only web meeting on the 3rd May where we will brainstorm how to reduce and manage client attrition.

Passwords, logins, and secret handshakes

As a matter of confidentiality and security we would like to remind everyone the importance of giving each employee their own logins, usernames, passwords, and email addresses (where applicable) for both practice management and accounting software.  Staff will turnover from time to time and may still have access to your systems after they have departed and could cause a whole world of pain if the username and passwords that they have previously used are still accessible.  If other employees are using the same login details they can’t just be cancelled when someone leaves without locking everyone else out.  It is vital that each user has their own unique login details so that when an employee leaves their access can be immediately cancelled.

We also advise that staff should not have access to your own email address as it will often contain documents of a private and confidential nature including income information, taxation documents, business strategies, financial advice and confidential correspondence with other employees.  Having staff send emails from your own email account could prove problematic as an email can be used to authorise many services, request information, change details, and can copy, edit and also forward your emails elsewhere.

However, obviously this is entirely up to you but we strongly advise against sharing these details.

Dog tales

I can’t stress the importance of good training and leadership.  I have been taking Mum & Dad to obedience now for just over a year and after a few failures at level 1, they are finally learning that I can’t be trained and may only perform for food when it suits me.  I wouldn’t have thought it would have taken them this long to make it to level 3 but it has and as a bonus I have fine tuned my leadership skills.  I can pretty much make them do anything I want!

As everyone knows I’m a sausage dog therefore quite unique – actually a bit like a password should be.  In my opinion, everyone should have one of their own, there won’t be two the same, and they are likely to be hard to read.  As I’m a dog I have serious issues using a keyboard especially when I need one capital letter, a few numbers, 8 characters and a gang sign to make a password.  So instead I just use my footprint. It’s totally unique, no one wants to copy it, and it’s all mine.  Let’s just say it gets my foot in the door every single time …

Hacking to be done,


Please Note: Many of the comments in this publication are general in nature and anyone intending to apply the information to practical circumstances should seek professional advice to independently verify their interpretation and the informations applicability to their particular circumstances. In particular, please note that the APL dogs who often prepare this newsletter do not have opposable thumbs so have to type with their noses.