APL Accounting News February 2018

Working together as a pack

It has been just over 12 months that we have been working together with Angelo Panagopoulos and his pack at Hamilton Reid.  These are the guys who have been busily helping us out with tax work.  We are really happy with the smooth transition and streamlined process so we would like to give them a huge pat on the head and tummy rub in appreciation. Thanks team!

Things are the APL pack HQ have been quite busy lately, we are expanding a lot with new clients, some of us are taking on extra roles, while some of us are training to be all rounders.  There is always something going on here, changes, additions, and plot twists – it’s an almost daily occurance at APL to keep us on our toes.  We also have some exciting things planned, so stay tuned as we will be sharing our news shortly.

Currently we are in the midst of finalising December quarter for many of you, doing BAS, and preparing quarterly and six monthly benchmarking reports.  If you are a quarterly or bi-annual benchmarking client you will be contacted shortly for the meeting to discuss your results.  If you are not a current benchmarking client but you are interested in finding out about this service we offer please feel free to contact our team at admin@aplaccountants.com.au for more information.

Quarterly theme

Our last quarterly theme was “the grass is greener” because we were moving to an office that has a larger yard.  Our reward if we moved successfully without a ton of disruption was to go and play lawn bowls.  Well, break out your long white dresses and sensible sandles, kids – we are off to barefoot bowls!

Our current quarterly theme is Top Dogs.  More on this next month, but for now let us just say that our office is filled with balloon dogs, dog bunting, dog yoga posters and everything dog you could imagine (as well as all of our own dogs of course!)  Who doesn’t love a workplace filled with dogs?

APL Accountants has Facebook 

As it’s Valentine’s Day this month we encourage you to show our Facebook page some love. Well, even if you don’t love us, you could just go over and Like us. (See what we did there?)   We can be found here.

In line with our quarterly theme being all about dogs we would love for you to come say hi and post some pics of your dogs for us.

Business Culture 

This has nothing to do with yoghurt or taking samples, it’s about “the way we do things around here.”  Have you really looked at your practice and observed the kind of culture it has internally?  Are staff happy, are clients happy?  Culture influences many things in both a positive or negative way depending on what has been created informally by yourselves as practice owners along with the people that you have in management, your employees, and also your clients.  We can’t stress the importance of having a positive culture in your practice as not only does it improve staff morale while creating a pleasant work environment, it will also inadvertently pass that culture on to your clients when they visit.  Positive expectations have been set and happy clients are clients who will not only keep coming back and will also refer you to others.

Share the good vibes!


Just a reminder that your BAS is due 28 February 2018.  The ATO will not grant extensions unless you have extreme circumstances that are stopping you from preparing this information.  This will require a special application that they can refuse so it’s best to get things sorted before it’s due to avoid any penalties.

Dog Tales

Over the holidays I was sick with Giardia so mum and I had to go and see my local vet for some hugs & drugs.  Giardia isn’t fun at any time but when you are white and fluffy it’s particularly nasty – if you know what I mean …  After my visit to the vet I was feeling pretty good though, I might even go back in a month of two for my vaccinations. So overall it was a pretty quiet time until we came back to work filling in while every man and his dog were still on holidays.

The sausage and his side kick Chica are back in town and have resumed their security positions at the front door.  Stella and I have been filling in while everyone was still away on holidays.  It’s been a long January but I’m glad everyone is finally back so I can relax.  There are some new toys around the place which make things more interesting.  A few of the toys still have squeakers so Strudel clearly isn’t at the top of his game just yet. We will obviously make the most of this.

Happy February,

Daisy 🙂


Please Note: Many of the comments in this publication are general in nature and anyone intending to apply the information to practical circumstances should seek professional advice to independently verify their interpretation and the informations applicability to their particular circumstances. In particular, please note that the APL dogs who often prepare this newsletter do not have opposable thumbs so have to type with their noses.