SmartVetApp Version 8 Released- What’s New

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Ground-breaking feature!! Measure your team’s ability to sell

Ok, so Dr X did the dental but who booked it in?

This is a problem that has been plaguing the veterinary industry for many years.

SmartVetApp now has ‘conversion’ reports that apply artificial intelligence which allows you to measure who booked in a procedure vs who did the job.

This can be applied across any number of invoice items or services.

Individual user performance dashboards will now look back 6 months for each user

Previous reports only gave 1 months feedback to each staff member about their performance. Feedback from you suggested that team members would get a better idea of their performance and improvements if they could look further back. So we have made line charts go back for 6 months to allow your staff to have a better idea of how they are progressing, and admittedly, it looks a lot better and will be a lot more motivational for your team.


Split into as many branches as you want and regroup as much as you want

For multi branch clinics you can now have one set of dashboards for each clinic and then a set of dashboards for the entire group or parts of the group.

A friendlier user interface

The ability now exits to have your dashboards categorised into various categories with a favourites section. This makes your favourite dashboards easy to find.

Cornerstone is now connected to SmartVetApp

Cornerstone users can now use SmartVetApp for more accurate reporting. Other systems include: RxWorks, BeeFree/IDEXX Neo, VisionVPM, OpenVPMS, VetlinkSQL

MYOB and Quickbooks desktop version can connect to SmartVetApp

Because many businesses are still using the desktop version of MYOB, we have enabled communication with this version of MYOB.

We also have a beta test for Quickbooks users so please contact us to find out about the compatibility to the various Quickbooks versions.

Coming soon

We have inititated development with EzyVet and Ciderhouse/CHS. We will keep you posted on how this progresses.

Please visit our website at for up to date information.

Or call us on 07 3488 0131.