APL Accounting News June 2016

June – it’s a Super month

June is a super month.  Not only are we half way through the year and closer to Xmas holidays, but it’s a perfect time to review your superannuation contributions before 30 June to avoid any additional ATO charges for excess contributions.

You will need to remember to account for any contributions that you have paid in June 2015 that didn’t clear until July 2015 as they are counted in your 2016 contributions.

Calculations also need to be done to work out what you have already contributed this year, and how much more you can pay to top up your fund without maxing out your contribution cap.

To see details on the contribution caps:


Client workshop

As we are half way through the year our client workshops are quickly approaching.  We are really excited to be presenting 2 levels this year.  Level 1 is the basics of understanding your Profit & Loss statement, EBITDA, reading your annual report and how to select which strategies to focus on.  Level 2 is more advanced and for those of you who have a great understanding of the Level 1 content, your strategic report and have attended 2 or more Level 1 workshops.  Strategic planning is included in both days so please only attend 1 of the days.

Places are filling quickly for both venues, so please contact our office and book your place to avoid disappointment.

The dates are:

Brisbane – 2 September 2016 (Level 1)

Brisbane – 3 September 2016 (Level 2)

Sydney – 28 October 2016 (Level 2)

Sydney – 29 October 2016 (Level 1)

On-line community and quarterly theme

Zack is a dog who is a couch potato and has an unusual life experience. His owners who were once exciting vets have now become boring accountants. They used to bring him into the exciting vet practice every day, now they bring him into a boring accounting office every day. This gives him a unique dog’s eye view on both professions.

Pictured above: For this month Zack stands by his Orang Utan friends in the hope that everyone will assist in getting more trees for them. 

As you know from our newsletter last month, we have an an online community called the ‘Vet Business Think-Tank’ to which of course you are all invited.

I’d really like to help my canine friends in Nepal with rabies vaccinations, and also my Orang Utan mates in Borneo by planting trees.  The best way for me to do this (without getting off my bed or getting a passport) is to ask you to join our Think Tank forum and post.  It doesn’t even have to be a business question – you could just ask about my day, or my thoughts on the best treats or even global warming …  For every post that is made Mum & Dad will send off much needed $’s to B1G1 as a donation to these animals in need.  Let’s post up a storm and see how many animals I can help!

All you need to do is go to:
https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7048288/profile then click on the ‘Ask to join’ button.
Or if you are a technophobe like me, just email one of my team at admin@aplaccountants.com.au and they will do it all for you!


Please Note: Many of the comments in this publication are general in nature and anyone intending to apply the information to practical circumstances should seek professional advice to independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their particular circumstances. In particular, please note that ‘Zack’ is a dog and does not have opposable thumbs so has to type with his nose.