APL Accounting News January 2015

New Years Resolution to keep your personal finances organised?

Are you tired of not knowing where your hard earned money is going? Business is making money but you never seem to have enough money in your personal account to pay for all the things your family require?

We want to help you simplify your personal financial life this year and have put together”Your Real-Time Financial

Life using Xero Cashbook”to do this for you. This includes:

  • Xero Cashbook Setup
  • Xero Cashbook monthly subscription
  • Recording of your personal incomeand expenses
  • Monthly income and expenditure report

You will be able to see your personalcashflow in real time. You can login anywhere, anytime. iOS and Android compatible.
For the first time – easily see where your money comes and goes.

All this for $150+GST per month over a 12 month period.

Contact us NOW to get started for January!

Bottom of the pack

Zack is a dog who is a couch potato and has an unusual life experience. His owners who were once exciting vets have now become boring accountants. They used to bring him into the exciting vet practice every day, now they bring him into a boring accounting office every day. This gives him a unique dog’s eye view on both professions.

Christmas is over, hope yours was half as good as mine. I was spoilt even more than usual, and had a fantastic time with lots of new smells on holiday, WOW!!!

Well it’s a new year now and hope you have a fantastic one. The office is open again and ready to help make it a propsperous ¬† one for you. I’ll get out of my festive outfits now and wait for the next celebration.



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